Hello everyone! It's Daniel here 👋

First of all, thanks for giving BoltGPT a try 🙏

I started BoltGPT to solve my pet peeve of the ChatGPT web app: session timeout, constant context-switching with other native apps...

Thanks to your great feedback, BoltGPT got a lot of improvement since the MVP release. Let's dive in.

At a glance:

Note: if you've bought the Early Bird license, please activate your license key now.

More configurable

The app feels more native now. You can:

- Choose to hide the Dock icon- Select which GPT model to use- Tweak the System Instruction to fit your use-case

You can also customize your Trigger Phrases & Trigger Method

Openjourney support

You can now use Openjourney with BoltGPT using the default trigger phrase "mj:".

Since Midjourney doesn't provide an API, Openjourney is a great alternative to generate similar images. It is an open source Stable Diffusion fine tuned model on Midjourney images.

Use ChatGPT on one part of the content

Tell GPT what to do, select the relevant content, then press Command + Shift + Return.

I find myself use this a lot while writing blog posts to expand interesting ideas, shorten the boring and lengthy ones, rewrite in a different tone...

Lock in the Early Bird price now

I've been working on some super interesting features for BoltGPT. Lock in the Early Bird price now to unlock all premium features.

That's all for now! 👋

See you in the next updates

- Daniel