Hola! It's Daniel again 👋😄

I listened to your feedback and have put a lot of work into improving BoltGPT.

New updates:

Introducing AI Assistants

This was the most requested feature for BoltGPT. I'm excited to share that I've found the best solution.

Just type "/a", search for an assistant then press Tab. BoltGPT will automatically configure the instruction to give you the best answers.

→ Watch demo video

Prompt Library is here

I've added support for more than 150 prompts from awesome-chatgpt-prompt.

It works the same way as AI Assistant: type "/p" (without quotes), search for a prompt then press Tab to insert the prompt content.

Improved Data Security & Privacy

I always build products with strong privacy in mind.

With BoltGPT, I do not include any tracking at all. In fact, there are no servers—your prompts are sent directly to OpenAI & Replicate.

In this release, I added the option to detect and redact sensitive information automatically, so you won't accidentally send them to OpenAI.

Better compatibility

BoltGPT should work on most macOS apps now. If you run into any compatibility issues, please let me know.

* VS Code users: please select your prompt then press the trigger hot key.

That's all for now! 👋

See you in the next updates

- Daniel