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Supports OpenAI, Anthropic, Azure AI Service, OpenRouter, Mistral, Groq and local LLMs

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Native ChatGPT for Mac
Attach files to use GPT-4 Vision
and Code Intepreter

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For Developers

AI Coding Assistant within your IDE

Ask any question right within your IDE. Zero context switching.
Let AI do the work for you

Using ChatGPT with Xcode

5 out of 5 stars

“BoltAI is almost my daily companion in managing my business operations from writing and coding to answering support messages. It helps me to quickly fix grammar and syntax typos and allows me to ask questions about my code without quitting my IDE.”

For Content & Marketing

Generate High-Quality Posts in Minutes

From blog outlines, to highly technical content. We've got you covered.

Using ChatGPT with Apple Notes

Write content 10x faster

No account required. Download the app, set up your API key and you're ready to go.

For Students

Learn anything faster with AI

Integrate ChatGPT with your favorite PKM tools.

Using ChatGPT with Obsidian

Professionals use BoltAI to 10x their productivity.

“I have been using Bolt for quite some time now and been absolutely loving every part of the experience. Super intuitive!”

Dominik Sobe

“GPT is amazing but I want it everywhere. That what BoltAI does! Plus all GPT great features like command, plugin or multi API. Daniel make it better every day! I cannot even follow. Honestly I feel it’s a gift for the price.”

Martin Donadieu
For Everyone

Instant access to ChatGPT

and Stable Diffusion

BoltAI is designed to be a versatile tool that enhances productivity across a wide range of professions, from writing and development to management and entrepreneurship.

Using ChatGPT with Apple Mail

The AI era is here

AI won't replace humans. But those who know how to use it effectively will be more productive than those who don't.
Integrate AI into your workflow with BoltAI today.

  • Native, Fast & Powerful

    Not another 200MB Electron app. Natively intergrated with your favorite apps.

  • Custom AI Assistants

    With BoltAI, you can create custom AI assistants, tailoring the AI's behavior to suit specific tasks or roles.

  • Prompt Library

    BoltAI offers a library of prompts that you can leverage to get the most out of the AI assistance.

  • mac-command

    Highly Customizable

    Effortlessly configure your preferred keyboard shortcuts, enabling seamless integration into your workflow.

  • Secure

    BoltAI stores key securely in the Apple Keychain and features automatic redaction of sensitive data, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

  • Respect Your Privacy

    No middle servers. Your prompts are sent directly to OpenAI.


“My company provides critical software services for customers such as Spotify, Google, Coinbase, Binance, and many others. We use AI in our workflows (custom developed as well as LLMs) but there was no tool before BoltAI that tightly integrated LLMs into my workflow. I always had to click out, leave my current task, go to ChatGPT or similar and come back which broke my flow. BoltAI makes everything effortless. It's a superpower.”

Laszlo L. Mari

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How does this work?

      BoltAI uses OpenAI's GPT to provide AI assistance within your macOS apps.

      After setting your OpenAI API key, BoltAI is ready to help in any text field. Call on BoltAI for AI suggestions as you work on tasks, be it emails, reports, coding, or idea generation.

      Additional features include a prompt library, custom AI assistants, Stable Diffusion support (via replicate.com) and automatic sensitive data redaction for enhanced security.

    • Is my data protected?

      BoltAI operates locally on your device, and no user input or prompts are stored or sent to us. Your OpenAI API key is securely stored in the Apple Keychain, which adheres to industry standard encryption methods.

      All data is kept locally on your machine, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

      We use Simple Analytics to collect anonymous performance data. You can disable this easily in Settings > Advanced > Privacy.

      Moreover, BoltAI includes a built-in data detection feature that automatically redacts sensitive data such as email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers.

    • Is BoltAI available on Windows or Linux?

      At this time, BoltAI is exclusively available for Mac.

      We are always evaluating the needs of our users, so we may consider expanding to other platforms like Windows or Linux in the future. Stay tuned for updates.

    • How is the cost calculated??

      - The cost is calculated based on the public pricing of OpenAI's API. Each model has its own pricing, each type of tokens in each model also has its own pricing.

      - All costs are estimated, please refer to your OpenAI dashboard for the most accurate cost of your API key.

    • What is an AI Assistant?

      An AI Assistant in BoltAI refers to a customized instruction & configuration of the GPT model.

      This allows you to tailor the AI's behavior to suit specific tasks or roles. For example, you might create an AI Assistant configured to emulate a certain writing style, to provide programming help, or to brainstorm creative ideas.

      This customization enhances the utility and adaptability of BoltAI, making it a versatile tool across various professional and creative contexts.

    • Can I create a custom AI Assistant?

      Yes, BoltAI provides the functionality to create your own custom AI Assistants.

      This feature allows you to adjust various parameters to modify the AI's behavior and responses according to your specific needs. Whether you need a creative brainstorming partner or a technical coding aide, you can tailor your AI Assistant to enhance your productivity and creativity.

      You can read more here: [Getting Started Guide](https://boltai.com/resources)

    • What are the requirements to use BoltAI?

      1. A macOS device. BoltAI is currently exclusive to macOS and is compatible with macOS 12.0+

      2. An OpenAI API key. BoltAI operates by connecting to OpenAI's GPT technology, and for this, you'll need your own OpenAI API key. You can obtain this by signing up on OpenAI's website.

      3. Internet connection. As BoltAI communicates with OpenAI's servers to generate responses, a stable internet connection is required for smooth operation.

    • How does license work?

      The license is a perpetual license. One license key allows you to use the current app version indefinitely. You are also eligible for one year of free updates.

      If you don't want to renew your license after one year, you can continue to use the last version of BoltAI that you have for as long as you want.

    • Can I use this with my ChatGPT Plus subscription?

      Currently, BoltAI requires you to have your own OpenAI API key to operate.

      The ChatGPT Plus subscription is separate and managed by OpenAI, it does not provide an API key that you can use with BoltAI. Please visit OpenAI's website for more details on how to obtain an API key.

    • Can I change the license key to another computer after I activate it?

      Yes. Go to BoltAI → Preferences... → License → Unlink Device and follow the instructions.

    • Do you offer team plan license?

      Yes, we do! If you're interested in obtaining a team license, please contact us directly via email [email protected]

    • Can I get a refund?

      Absolutely. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

      However, I do love to hear your feedback. Please send a refund request to [email protected] and I'll process it as soon as I can.

Increase your productivity, today

No account required. Download the app, set up your API key and you're ready to go.