What is BoltAI and why you should care

BoltAI is a beautiful and powerful AI chat app for Mac. It integrates ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) deeply into your workflows so you don’t have to go back and forth with the ChatGPT web UI.

Why BoltAI?

BoltAI comes from my pet peeve of switching back and forth between ChatGPT web and native Mac apps like Xcode or Apple Notes.

Many tasks are repetitive, so I built BoltAI as a way to automate these tasks, right within those native apps.

BoltAI’s main features

BoltAI is powerful with a lot of features, but it also comes with a learning curve.

There are 3 primary ways you can use BoltAI:

  1. Using the main Chat UI

  2. Using AI Command

  3. Using the Inline feature

In this documentation, you will learn how best to use these features for your workflow.

Chat UI

This is similar to ChatGPT with advanced features such as Web Search, custom GPT parameters, more AI models, custom System Instruction, Chat History Search…

AI Command

The AI Command feature allows you to invoke AI from any highlighted text.

To use the AI Command, highlight the text you need BoltAI to help you with, trigger the shortcut key (default Control+Space), and choose a command.

BoltAI supports 32 AI Commands by default: Text Summarization, Translation, Explain Code, etc. You can always add more custom AI Commands.

BoltAI Inline

This is the more advanced way to use BoltAI. You write down what you want, invoke a shortcut key, and then let BoltAI do the work.

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