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“My company provides critical software services for customers such as Spotify, Google, Coinbase, Binance, and many others. We use AI in our workflows (custom developed as well as LLMs) but there was no tool before BoltAI that tightly integrated LLMs into my workflow. I always had to click out, leave my current task, go to ChatGPT or similar and come back which broke my flow. BoltAI makes everything effortless. It's a superpower.”

Laszlo L. Mari

“I have been using Bolt for quite some time now and been absolutely loving every part of the experience. Super intuitive!”

Dominik Sobe

“Holy moley, I just started using BoltAI.. this is so nice. Super well done. I LOVE IT.. I used to use the native ChatGPT interface but it started getting slow. With BoltAI it everything is now super fast and it is MUCH easier to access ChatGPT within my workflow!!”

“I bought BoltAI shortly after its release as I am a sucker for beautiful native apps. I liked the idea of inline triggers that let's you do things like generating images for your X posts right next to the text. No regrets. Daniel continues to work on BoltAI daily and making it better day after day.”

Josef Strzibny

“BoltAI is almost my daily companion in managing my business operations from writing and coding to answering support messages. It helps me to quickly fix grammar and syntax typos and allows me to ask questions about my code without quitting my IDE.”

Dmytro Krasun

“GPT is amazing but I want it everywhere. That what BoltAI does! Plus all GPT great features like command, plugin or multi API. Daniel make it better every day! I cannot even follow. Honestly I feel it’s a gift for the price.”

Martin Donadieu

“It’s simple. BoltAI makes me more productive. Whether I write copy, tasks, code or anything in between I’m faster and make fewer mistakes. It’s one of those things that when missing — you feel something is off. I’d recommend everyone to try this and I bet you’ll keep it in your toolbelt.”

Dan Mindru

“The fastest AI application but also the least CPU-intensive I have tried, and I have tried many. It's super easy to use it without changing your workflow. Support for local LLM, Replicate API, Mistral API, etc. is also absolutely fantastic. It's a game changer. 10/10 would recommend.”

Markus Henriksson

“I use AI a LOT during my day to day work. BoltAI helps me streamline my work and super charge my productivity. As an entrepanuer,You can't really put a price tag on that! Highly recommended.”


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