v1.16.8 (build 87 "Power Users")

Big update for power users! (hello ethanj801 👋)

  • New: Gemini 1.5 Pro 2M context window
  • New: You can use AI plugins with Gemini models now
  • New: Added support for Code Execution for Gemini models
  • New: Customize Safety Settings for Gemini models
  • New: Search in plugin list dropdown
  • New: Supports more advanced parameters: Top P, Top K, Max Tokens…
  • New: AI Command supports alternative prompt & more advanced parameters…
  • New: More powerful Context Limits management: All Messages / No Context / First n Messages / Last n Messages…
  • New: Detach Chat Configuration panel to a new window
  • New: Save chat configurations as default
  • New: Sort chats by Edit Date, Create Date or Title
  • New: Pin chats / Hide chats
  • New: Customize chat message action toolbar
  • New: Delete all subsequence messages action
  • Improvement: Allow disabling the current time in the System Instruction
  • Improvement: Hide windows on login
  • Attempt to fix the issue where chat messages are gone after pressing Enter
  • General bug fixes & improvements

v1.16.7 (build 86)

  • New: WolframAlpha LLM plugin
  • New: Whisper plugin (run on Groq)
  • Improvement: Right-click and open images with BoltAI
  • Improvement: Supports finetuned models for AI Command & AI Assistant
  • Improvement: Start a new chat in the right folder
  • Fix: Icon Reverts on App Update

v1.16.5 (build 84)

Exciting release. This release focuses on Image Generation & Read Aloud features. Read full release note

  • New: A brand new Audio Player for the Read Aloud feature with the option to change playback speed
  • New: More customizations for Dall E: quality, size, style and number of images
  • New: Better supports for Replicate: new models, customize aspect ratio and number of images
  • New: Use Dall E and Replicate as an AI plugin
  • New: New Whisper plugin, transcribe audio files using OpenAI's whisper model (requires OpenAI API key)
  • Fixed: Attempted to fix the issue where chat message gone after pressing Enter
  • Fixed: Stop chat stream when clicking the stop button, or when deleting current chat
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with perplexity & context limit setting

v1.16.3 (build 82)

  • New: Change default app icon due to a potential trademark issue.
  • New: Quickly change chat configuration with the Status Bar
  • New: Use a custom app icon (only PNG is supported)
  • Fixed: Cannot scroll the chat input field
  • Fixed: Only fetch OpenRouter model list if OpenRouter service is enabled
  • Fixed: Restart not working
  • Fixed: Launch at Login not working

v1.16.2 (build 81)

  • New: Quickly switch to a different AI Service/Model
  • Fixed: AI Command Alternative Profile doesn't follow the behavior setting
  • Fixed: AI Plugins settings are not saved
  • Fixed: App Icon is not changed after quitting the app

v1.16.0: 20+ new features!

This is a major release of BoltAI with 20+ new features. It has some important changes in how BoltAI works.

Please read the full release note to learn more.

  • Inline Whisper: use Whisper in any text field
  • 7 new plugins:
    • Shell Access
    • FFmpeg
    • AppleScript
    • Kagi Search
    • Brave Search
    • Perplexity Search
    • Search
  • Support Function Calling for Groq, MistralAI & other services
  • Support local vision model (llava via Ollama)
  • Customize AI Service & model for AI Assistant
  • “Default” as an option for Command & Assistant
  • Better UX for AI Commands & Assistants
  • Instant AI Command: press a shortcut key then ask AI about anything
  • Alternative Profile for AI Command
  • AI Command supports custom System Instruction
  • Import from ChatGPT
  • Import/Export BoltAI data
  • BoltAI Database Management
  • Add “official” support for LM Studio
  • Regenerate using different AI Service/Model
  • Huge performance improvement!!
  • Custom App Icon
  • Dark theme for code blocks
  • Remember sidebar & state
  • Hide Models
  • Highlight Search Keyword
  • Launch at Login

v1.15.25 (build 69 "nice")

The "nice" update

  • New model Gemini 1.5 Flash
  • New app icon ⚡
  • Temporarily disable the "Remember Chat Configuration" since it confuses many users
  • Fixed an issue where the app requires a restart to continue
  • v1.15.24 (build 67)

  • Fix: Do not switch back to GPT-4 turbo when adding images to chat
  • General bug fixes & improvements
  • v1.15.23 (build 66)

  • New: Added support for GPT-4o
  • General bug fixes & improvements
  • v1.15.22 (build 65)

  • New: Added support for GPT-4o
  • Fix: Fixed the issue where BoltAI does not select the default model
  • v1.15.19 (build 62)

  • Improvement: pressing `escape` to switch focus to the chat list
  • Improvement: change the "hide dock" implementation. Only hide dock when the last window closed.
  • Fix: make LaTeX rendering an option for Anthropic
  • Fix: fix the issue where network timeout configuration doesn't work with Anthropic
  • Fix: fix a regresion bug with the scroll while streaming
  • v1.15.17 (build 60)

  • Improvement: Auto switch the focus back to previous app when using activation hotkey
  • Fix: fixed the crash when using Anthropic Claude 3 with plugins
  • Fix: fixed the regression bug where font option does not apply to AI messages
  • Fix: attempt to fix the crash on startup for some users
  • v1.15.16 (build 59)

  • Fixed an issue with license activation
  • New: Customize font size for the chat input
  • Fixed: Command N do not open a quick chat ref
  • Fixed: BoltAI can't force stop, endpoint keeps streaming ref
  • Fixed: New line inserted at the bottom rather than at the cursor position ref
  • Fixed: Unable to select assistant in new chat ref
  • Fixed: Creating a new command shows deleted models ref
  • Fixed: Bulk edit provider in Command showing deleted API Provider ref
  • Fixed: Chat not showing all chat content after search ref
  • Improvement: Remove quotes from chat title
  • v1.15.15 (build 58)

    This release fixes a critical issue where some users couldn't upgrade license. Update is highly recommended.

    v1.15.14 (build 57)

  • New: Added Llama 3 support for Groq, Perplexity AI & Together AI
  • New: Automatically fetch list of models from Groq and Perplexity
  • New: Set a default vision model (Settings > Advanced > Chat with images)
  • Improvement: Bulk edit AI Command's parameters & new line behavior
  • Improved AI Command support in Missive app
  • Fixed: show all Ollama models on bulk edit
  • Fixed: hide deleted AI providers
  • Fixed: fix a crash on macOS 12 when opening a new chat in new window
  • Fixed: pasting content from Excel
  • Fixed: attempt to fix a crash when using web search with Anthropic Claude 3
  • v1.15.13 (build 56)

  • New: you can use Web Search & Web Browsing plugins with Anthropic Claude & Azure OpenAI models now
  • Improvement: Support LaTeX rendering for Anthropic models
  • Improvement: better support for drag-and-drop images/screenshots to BoltAI
  • Improvement: copy and paste images into the chat box
  • Improvement: allow deleting built-in AI services
  • Fixed the issue where the chat box was missing for some users
  • v1.15.12 (build 55)

  • New: you can choose to insert new line when using an AI Command
  • Fixed the issue where cost estimation was wrong
  • v1.15.11 (build 54)

  • Improved LaTeX rendering
  • Remember chosen Assistant when creating a new chat
  • Google Safety Setting: Allow all content when using Google Gemini models (HarmBlockThreshold = BLOCK_NONE)
  • Improvement: Bulk enable/disable Commands/Assistants/Prompts
  • v1.15.9 (build 52)

  • New: Added the new GPT-4 Turbo with Vision capability (`gpt-4-turbo` and `gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09`)
  • Improvement: Allow insecure network connection. This is neccessary to connect to local inference servers
  • Improvement: Allow using Gemini & Claude models when streaming inline responses
  • Fixed the issue where AI Inline not inserting new lines
  • Fixed the issue where forking chat not copying images
  • Fixed the issue with Edit & Generate not working as intended
  • Other bug fixes & improvements
  • v1.15.7 (build 50)

    This release improves BoltAI's security & adds a new AI Command behavior.

  • Improved security: Better API Keys handling
  • New AI Command's behavior: Insert answer above selection
  • New: Start a new chat and copy configuration from other chat
  • New: Supports LaTeX rendering
  • New: Supports network timeout configuration
  • v1.15.6 (build 49)

  • Minor bug fixes & improvements
  • v1.15.5 (build 48)

  • New: You can use Claude 3 Vision now!
  • Improvement: Show "Custom Assistant" for custom system instruction
  • Improvement: Remember chat configuration tab
  • Fix: Keep the sidebar & chat state when toggling BoltAI
  • Other bug fixes & improvements
  • v1.15.4 (build 47)

  • Improvement: added support for Gemini 1.0 Ultra and Gemini 1.5 Pro.
  • v1.15.2 (build 45)

  • Use an AI Assistant in the Chat UI
  • Quickly select an AI Service & model when start a new chat
  • Quickly insert a prompt from your Prompt Library. Keyboard shortcut: `Command + Shift + P`
  • New AI Command's behavior: Copy to clipboard
  • Improvement: You can now use Claude 3 & Gemini model with an AI Command
  • Other bug fixes & improvements
  • v1.15.1 (build 44)

  • New: BoltAI now supports Anthropic Claude 3 Haiku (claude-3-haiku-20240307)
  • Refactor: Renders user message (prompt) as plaintext. Read more
  • Fix: You can delete the legacy Anthropic AI Provider now
  • v1.15.0 (build 43)

  • New: BoltAI now supports Anthropic Claude 3, Google Gemini and Groq
  • General bug fixes & improvements
  • v1.14.1 (build 42)

  • Improvement: add the option to not remember model settings
  • Improvement: fetch mistral model list from Mistral AI API
  • Fixed: reverse the customizable shortcut feature
  • Fixed issue with Mistral AI where some users
  • v1.14.0 (build 41)

    This release added first-class support for Ollama and improved AI Command feature.

  • New: Supports Ollama natively. Automatically fetch model list from Ollama.
  • Improvement: Bulk editing AI Command
  • Improvement: Better AI Commands listing view
  • Improvement: Better keyboard shortcut support
  • Fix: Use Dall E 3 for AI Inline
  • Fix: Fixed the issues with sidebar when toggling a folder
  • Fix: Fixed the issue where AI message bubbles not changing font size
  • v1.13.6 (build 40)

  • Use AI Commands with a custom AI provider
  • New chat message list implementation: faster and better
  • Support pasting images directly into the chat input field
  • Fixed an issue where streaming message paused & stuck randomly
  • Fixed a crash issue related to the text-to-speech feature
  • v1.13.3 (build 37)

    This release adds support for the newest model GPT 4 Turbo (0125)

  • New: Support the newest model: GPT 4 Turbo (0125)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • v1.13.2 (build 36)

    This release adds support for Folders.

  • New: You can organize chats into folders now. Keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + N).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the AI Command's "Replace Selection" behavior
  • Fix: Attempted to fix an issue with the text color of the chat input field
  • v1.13.1 (build 35)

    This release fixes a critical performance issue & improves the Search feature. Update is highly recommended.

  • New: You can choose to search current chat (Command + F), or all chats (Command + Shift + F).
    * Requires macOS 13+
  • Improvement: Keyboard shortcut for "Activate BoltAI Chat" also closes window
  • Improvement: "Activate BoltAI Chat" automatically opens previously selected chat
  • Improvement: Added the Dracula code theme
  • Fix: Fixed the memory leak when using the "Activate BoltAI Chat" keyboard shortcut
  • Fix: Fixed the issue where Hide dock icon does not work in some cases
  • v1.13.0 (build 34)

    Mistral AI on Mac

    This release improves the chat-with-screenshot feature and supports more AI service providers, including Local LLM Inference Server.

    Read full release note →

  • New: Supports more AI service providers: Mistral AI, Perplexity and Together AI
  • New: Supports custom OpenAI-compatible servers: OpenAI proxy, LocalAI and LM Studio Inference Server...
  • New: Use custom AI service in AI Command (beta)
  • New: Incorporate ShotSolve into BoltAI: taking screenshots is now faster & easier
  • Improvememnt: Pasting images directly into the chat input field
  • Improvememnt: Show app icon for inline chats
  • Fix: Fixed a race condition issue in the AI Command, where messages are not showing
  • Fix: Fixed the bug where message clears when switching to another chat
  • v1.12.2 (build 32)

    This release focuses on better chat management and improved AI Command popup

    • New: Better chat management with chat categories.
    • New: Added the Inline behavior indicator for the AI Command popover
    • Improvement: I rebuilt the AI Command popup from scratch. It’s faster and better now.
    • Improvement: You can delete multiple chats now
    • Improvement: Fixed the issue where chat jump to top after AI response

    v1.12.0 (build 30)

    OpenAI speech to text on macOS

    This release added support for speech-to-text and significantly improved the scroll performance.

    Read full release note →

    • New: The markdown renderer has been rebuilt from scratch. It significantly improved the scroll performance now!
    • New: Support speech-to-text using OpenAI API (whisper v2 large)
    • Better chat management: reset context, delete all messages, delete conversation…
    • New: Export chat to HTML, Markdown or JSON (compatible with OpenAI’s finetuning format)
    • New: Custom font & theme for code blocks
    • Improvement: Added new GPT model: GPT3.5 Turbo 1106 (16K context)
    • Other quality-of-life improvements:
      • Support multiline copy
      • Code highlighting during streaming
      • Responsive copy button
      • Automatically scroll to bottom on AI response
      • Automatically switch to GPT-4 Vision when adding images
      • Make prompt collapsing an option
      • Allow hiding status bar icon
      • Automatically focus on chat input field on shortcut activation
      • Improved message edit dialog
      • Fixed issue with OpenRouter model list
      • Added more language options: English (Canada) and Traditional Chinese

    v1.11.0 (build 29)

    This release added support for GPT-4 Vision, text-to-speech & finetuned models

    Read full release note →

    • New: Added support for the new GPT-4 vision
    • New: Better UI/UX for GPT-4 vision, drag and drop into Menubar Icon
    • New: Support finetuned models
    • Added text-to-speech using OpenAI API
    • Fixed an issue with Azure OpenAI Service

    BoltAI v1.10

    Big update: This release focuses on image generation (DALL·E 2, Stable Diffusion XL...), app apperance customization and overall performance improvements.

    Generate AI Images on Mac
    • New feature: Generate images in main Chat UI using OpenAI's DALL·E 2 or open-source models such as Stable Diffusion XL (via Replicate).
    • New feature: Customize the app's appearances: system theme, custom font and line spacing...
    • Improvement: The scroll performance has been improved significantly
    • Improvement: Better supports for message action buttons. You can also save messages or images to file.
    • Improvement: Better support for keyboard shortcuts. When using 'Answer in new window' for commands, you can interact with the chat without using mouse.
    • Improvement: Support full list of available models on OpenRouter
    • Improvement: Configure default settings for new chats. Your chat configuration is saved so you don't have to customize each chat.
    • Improvement: You can now rearrange Commands, Assistants & Promps
    • Fixed the issue where chat list disappearing on large inputs
    • Fixed the issue where pressing the new chat button does not open the chat textbox

    BoltAI v1.9

    This release focuses on the new Web Browsing Plugin

    ChatGPT Web Browsing Plugin
    • New plugin: Web Browsing Plugin is here!
    • New feature: Ask AI directly without using an predefined AI Command. Read the full release note on how to use this.
    • Improvement: New Chat Configuration design
    • General bug fixes & improvements

    BoltAI v1.8

    This release focuses on supporting more API Providers: Anthropic, Azure OpenAI, OpenRouter...

    Multiple API Provider. ChatGPT for mac
    • Added support for Anthropic, Azure OpenAI & OpenRouter
    • Advanced model configuration:
      • Custom API Endpoint & Proxy
      • Custom System Instructions
      • Custom GPT parameters: context limits, temperature, presence penalty, frequency penalty
    • Universal full-text search
    • Automatically switch to GPT3.5 16K if needed
    • Better chat managements: edit, regenerate, delete & fork messages
    • General bug fixes and improvements

    BoltAI v1.7.2: Performance Improvement

    This release focuses on stability & performance improvement
    • Fixed the issue where BoltAI constantly consumes CPU even on idle
    • Fixed the issue where BoltAI hangs on macOS Sonoma
    • Fixed the issue where context menus not working on macOS Ventura
    • Improvement: implement a completely new Settings window
    • Improvement: better "Regenerate Response" implementation
    • Improvement: auto focus on Chat Input Field when starting a new chat
    • Improvement: Display user-friendly error messages from OpenAI API

    BoltAI v1.7: Web Search is here

    Web Search Plugin ChatGPT for mac
    • 🔍 Web Search: This plugin allows BoltAI to access the Internet and search for the most accurate data in real-time.
    • Quickly change GPT model, temperature and other params from the chat interface (thanks @nerdymomocat)
    • Added support for Regenerating Response & Continue Generating (similar to ChatGPT)
    • Supports multiple conversations in parallel
    • Added cost estimation: show a total cost estimation on top of each conversation
    • Add the a shortcut key to activate BoltAI
    • Add the option to keep chat windows always Stay on Top
    • Added the option to toggle Markdown rendering for better rendering performance
    • [QoL]: allows bulk deleting AI Commands / Assistants / Prompts (thanks @nerdymomocat)
    • Improvement: improve scrolling performance on large chat
    • Improvement: improve chat management performance
    • Improvement: better license key management
    • Bug fix: fixed the issue with image generation (Stable Diffusion & OpenJourney)
    New in build 21
    • Hotfix: Fixed the issue where messages were being cut off for some users.
    • Improvement: Display user-friendly error messages from OpenAI API
    • Improvement: Keep the app size small

    BoltAI v1.6: Full Chat UI

    ChatGPT for mac
    • ✨ Full Chat UI: BoltAI now features a full Chat UI with conversation management and search capabilities.

    • Expanded support for OpenAI models like gpt-3.5-turbo-16k, and gpt-4-32k (available when the API key allows)
    • You can now choose to show or hide AI Commands, AI Assistant, or Prompts
    • Customize the trigger key for AI Assistants or Prompt Library Popup using options like "//" (double slash), "\" (backslash), or "\\" (double backslash) instead of the popular character "/"
    • Fixed Content Length Crash Issue: Fixed the critical issue where the app would crash if the content was too long.
    • Adjustable chat font size: ⌘+ (increase), ⌘- (decrease) or ⌘0 (reset). Thanks @kpxz_

    • Bug fix: fixed the issue where chat messages get cut off sometimes.
    • Bug fix: fixed the issue where the AI Command's "behavior" doesn't work as expected.
    • Bug fix: fixed the crash while using the trigger shortcut in Google Docs
    • Bug fix: attempt to fix the Language Output not functioning as expected

    BoltAI v1.5 (build 17)

    This release improves 2 majors area: a new Chat UI and a much better compatibility

    ChatGPT for mac
    • Chat UI: Introducing the new Chat UI.

      • You can now chat with AI after using an AI command, or you can start a new chat directly from the main screen.
      • It supports markdown & code highlighter. You can also choose to copy a codeblock, or the whole AI answer.
      • All your conversations are saved in a local database. I will add full Chat UI with list of conversations & full-text search in the next release.
    • Better compatibility: BoltAI now supports non-standard apps and websites such as Google Docs, ClickUp, Slack...
    • More customizations: You can configure output language, and GPT model for each AI Command & AI Assistant
    • [QoL] Template Duplicate: You can duplicate templates and make minor edits without having to copy and paste them
    • General bug fixes & performance improvement

    BoltAI v1.4 (build 15): CRITICAL BUG FIX

    • Critical Bug Fix: please upgrade to this version. It fixes the issue where AI responses might be interrupted randomly.
    • Added the option to stream AI responses word by word. If enable, BoltAI will emulate typing on your Mac. Any interaction will immediately stop the response.

    BoltAI v1.4 (build 12)

    ChatGPT for mac
    • ✨ AI Commands (beta): Introducing the new AI Commands. You can now select text, press Control + Space then choose an AI command.
    • Language output for AI Assistant: you can select the default language for an AI Assistant
    • Custom temperature for AI Assistant: configure the temperature param to make the answer more creative or more precise
    • Minor bug fixes & improvement

    BoltAI v1.2 (build 10)

    ChatGPT for mac
    • Added AI assistants: you can now chat with multiple AI Assistants. Just type "/a" (without quotes), search for an assistant then press Tab
    • Added Prompt Library: type "/p" (without quotes), search for prompt then press Tab.
    • Default to "chat" mode, instead of "ask" mode
    • Support custom shortcut: you can choose your own shortcut key other than the default Command+Shift+Return
    • Fixed issue where BoltAI runs without a trigger phrase

    BoltAI v1.1 (build 9)

    ChatGPT for mac
    • Support new apps: Apple Mail, Mimestream, iA Writer, Android Studio, TablePlus, Slack & Discord
    • You can now save your generated images (default: your Download folder)
    • Data Privacy: redact sensitive information such as email addresses, credit card numbers & phone numbers
    • QoL: BoltAI now includes an auto-updater

    BoltAI v1.0 (build 6)

    • The app is more configurable now
    • Added support for Openjourney (open-source Midjourney alternative)
    • Use ChatGPT on one part of content


    • MVP release