✨ v1.11.0 (build 29)

This release added support for GPT-4 Vision, text-to-speech & finetuned models

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  • New: Added support for the new GPT-4 vision
  • New: Better UI/UX for GPT-4 vision, drag and drop into Menubar Icon
  • New: Support finetuned models
  • Added text-to-speech using OpenAI API
  • Fixed an issue with Azure OpenAI Service

BoltAI v1.10

Big update: This release focuses on image generation (DALL·E 2, Stable Diffusion XL...), app apperance customization and overall performance improvements.

Generate AI Images on Mac
  • New feature: Generate images in main Chat UI using OpenAI's DALL·E 2 or open-source models such as Stable Diffusion XL (via Replicate).
  • New feature: Customize the app's appearances: system theme, custom font and line spacing...
  • Improvement: The scroll performance has been improved significantly
  • Improvement: Better supports for message action buttons. You can also save messages or images to file.
  • Improvement: Better support for keyboard shortcuts. When using 'Answer in new window' for commands, you can interact with the chat without using mouse.
  • Improvement: Support full list of available models on OpenRouter
  • Improvement: Configure default settings for new chats. Your chat configuration is saved so you don't have to customize each chat.
  • Improvement: You can now rearrange Commands, Assistants & Promps
  • Fixed the issue where chat list disappearing on large inputs
  • Fixed the issue where pressing the new chat button does not open the chat textbox

BoltAI v1.9

This release focuses on the new Web Browsing Plugin

ChatGPT Web Browsing Plugin
  • New plugin: Web Browsing Plugin is here!
  • New feature: Ask AI directly without using an predefined AI Command. Read the full release note on how to use this.
  • Improvement: New Chat Configuration design
  • General bug fixes & improvements

BoltAI v1.8

This release focuses on supporting more API Providers: Anthropic, Azure OpenAI, OpenRouter...

Multiple API Provider. ChatGPT for mac
  • Added support for Anthropic, Azure OpenAI & OpenRouter
  • Advanced model configuration:
    • Custom API Endpoint & Proxy
    • Custom System Instructions
    • Custom GPT parameters: context limits, temperature, presence penalty, frequency penalty
  • Universal full-text search
  • Automatically switch to GPT3.5 16K if needed
  • Better chat managements: edit, regenerate, delete & fork messages
  • General bug fixes and improvements

BoltAI v1.7.2: Performance Improvement

This release focuses on stability & performance improvement
  • Fixed the issue where BoltAI constantly consumes CPU even on idle
  • Fixed the issue where BoltAI hangs on macOS Sonoma
  • Fixed the issue where context menus not working on macOS Ventura
  • Improvement: implement a completely new Settings window
  • Improvement: better "Regenerate Response" implementation
  • Improvement: auto focus on Chat Input Field when starting a new chat
  • Improvement: Display user-friendly error messages from OpenAI API

BoltAI v1.7: Web Search is here

Web Search Plugin ChatGPT for mac
  • 🔍 Web Search: This plugin allows BoltAI to access the Internet and search for the most accurate data in real-time.
  • Quickly change GPT model, temperature and other params from the chat interface (thanks @nerdymomocat)
  • Added support for Regenerating Response & Continue Generating (similar to ChatGPT)
  • Supports multiple conversations in parallel
  • Added cost estimation: show a total cost estimation on top of each conversation
  • Add the a shortcut key to activate BoltAI
  • Add the option to keep chat windows always Stay on Top
  • Added the option to toggle Markdown rendering for better rendering performance
  • [QoL]: allows bulk deleting AI Commands / Assistants / Prompts (thanks @nerdymomocat)
  • Improvement: improve scrolling performance on large chat
  • Improvement: improve chat management performance
  • Improvement: better license key management
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with image generation (Stable Diffusion & OpenJourney)
New in build 21
  • Hotfix: Fixed the issue where messages were being cut off for some users.
  • Improvement: Display user-friendly error messages from OpenAI API
  • Improvement: Keep the app size small

BoltAI v1.6: Full Chat UI

ChatGPT for mac
  • ✨ Full Chat UI: BoltAI now features a full Chat UI with conversation management and search capabilities.

  • Expanded support for OpenAI models like gpt-3.5-turbo-16k, and gpt-4-32k (available when the API key allows)
  • You can now choose to show or hide AI Commands, AI Assistant, or Prompts
  • Customize the trigger key for AI Assistants or Prompt Library Popup using options like "//" (double slash), "\" (backslash), or "\\" (double backslash) instead of the popular character "/"
  • Fixed Content Length Crash Issue: Fixed the critical issue where the app would crash if the content was too long.
  • Adjustable chat font size: ⌘+ (increase), ⌘- (decrease) or ⌘0 (reset). Thanks @kpxz_

  • Bug fix: fixed the issue where chat messages get cut off sometimes.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue where the AI Command's "behavior" doesn't work as expected.
  • Bug fix: fixed the crash while using the trigger shortcut in Google Docs
  • Bug fix: attempt to fix the Language Output not functioning as expected

BoltAI v1.5 (build 17)

This release improves 2 majors area: a new Chat UI and a much better compatibility

ChatGPT for mac
  • Chat UI: Introducing the new Chat UI.

    • You can now chat with AI after using an AI command, or you can start a new chat directly from the main screen.
    • It supports markdown & code highlighter. You can also choose to copy a codeblock, or the whole AI answer.
    • All your conversations are saved in a local database. I will add full Chat UI with list of conversations & full-text search in the next release.
  • Better compatibility: BoltAI now supports non-standard apps and websites such as Google Docs, ClickUp, Slack...
  • More customizations: You can configure output language, and GPT model for each AI Command & AI Assistant
  • [QoL] Template Duplicate: You can duplicate templates and make minor edits without having to copy and paste them
  • General bug fixes & performance improvement

BoltAI v1.4 (build 15): CRITICAL BUG FIX

  • Critical Bug Fix: please upgrade to this version. It fixes the issue where AI responses might be interrupted randomly.
  • Added the option to stream AI responses word by word. If enable, BoltAI will emulate typing on your Mac. Any interaction will immediately stop the response.

BoltAI v1.4 (build 12)

ChatGPT for mac
  • ✨ AI Commands (beta): Introducing the new AI Commands. You can now select text, press Control + Space then choose an AI command.
  • Language output for AI Assistant: you can select the default language for an AI Assistant
  • Custom temperature for AI Assistant: configure the temperature param to make the answer more creative or more precise
  • Minor bug fixes & improvement

BoltAI v1.2 (build 10)

ChatGPT for mac
  • Added AI assistants: you can now chat with multiple AI Assistants. Just type "/a" (without quotes), search for an assistant then press Tab
  • Added Prompt Library: type "/p" (without quotes), search for prompt then press Tab.
  • Default to "chat" mode, instead of "ask" mode
  • Support custom shortcut: you can choose your own shortcut key other than the default Command+Shift+Return
  • Fixed issue where BoltAI runs without a trigger phrase

BoltAI v1.1 (build 9)

ChatGPT for mac
  • Support new apps: Apple Mail, Mimestream, iA Writer, Android Studio, TablePlus, Slack & Discord
  • You can now save your generated images (default: your Download folder)
  • Data Privacy: redact sensitive information such as email addresses, credit card numbers & phone numbers
  • QoL: BoltAI now includes an auto-updater

BoltAI v1.0 (build 6)

  • The app is more configurable now
  • Added support for Openjourney (open-source Midjourney alternative)
  • Use ChatGPT on one part of content


  • MVP release