BoltAI v1.12.2 (build 32)

This release focuses on better chat management and improved AI Command popup


  • New: Better chat management with chat categories.
  • New: Added the Inline behavior indicator for the AI Command popover
  • Improvement: I rebuilt the AI Command popup from scratch. It’s faster and better now.
  • Improvement: Fixed the issue where chat jump to top after AI response

Better chat management

One issue with the AI Command is it tends to pollute the chat history very quick. Sometimes you just want to make a minor changes like grammar fix or quick translation.

In this version, I've add a new chat category called "Inline Chat". Basically, all chats that are generated via AI Command or AI Inline will fall into this category.

I also added 2 new filters:

  • Favorite Chats: keep your favorite chats for easy access
  • Archived Chats: useful chats that you don’t need to refer to often

You can access it via the View menu item

Chat filters BoltAI

Better AI Command popup

In this version. I've rebuilt the AI Command popup from scratch. It's a lot faster now!

Also, Nuaz has a briliant idea: show an indicator for the AI behavior

This is super handy so you won't accidently activate the wrong command. I'm not entire sure if my choice of icons is good. Any feedback is appreciated!

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AI command popup BoltAI ChatGPT for Mac

Other improvements:

  • You can delete multiple chats now. Select multiple chat with Shift + Click, or Command + Click, then right-click and choose delete
  • I fixed the annoying issue where chat jump to top after AI response

One last thing

This likely will be my last update in 2023. Happy holidays! 🎅

If you are new here, BoltAI is a native macOS app that allows you to access ChatGPT inside any app. Download now.