How to use BoltAI in Visual Studio Code?

BoltAI leverages the Accessibility APIs from macOS to integrate deeper with each application. However, some applications don't follow the standard UI controls provided by the OS and thus making it challenging to work with BoltAI. VSCode is one of them.

To make VSCode work smoothly with BoltAI, I'm working on a dedicated VSCode extension that lives inside VSCode and communicate with the BoltAI native app.

In the meantime, please follow this guide.

  1. First, you could use Trigger Phrase just like other apps. For example:
//ask_software_developer write a React component
function SimpleDialog(props) {
  // a simple dialog using tailwind css
  1. Highlight the content you want to send to OpenAI (including the //ask_software_developer command)
  2. Now you can press the Trigger Method.

Watch the demo video below:

If you are new here, BoltAI is a native macOS app that allows you to access ChatGPT inside any app. Download now.