BoltAI v1.7 (build 20)

This release added Web Search support and a lot more features. Read on ↓


  • 🔍 Web Search: This plugin allows BoltAI to access the Internet and search for the most accurate data in real-time.
  • Quickly change GPT model, temperature and other params from the chat interface (thanks @nerdymomocat)
  • Added support for Regenerating Response & Continue Generating (similar to ChatGPT)
  • Supports multiple conversations in parallel

Web Search Plugin

Web Search Plugin ChatGPT for mac

I finally added Web Search support using the new function calling feature from OpenAI API.

Step 1. Setup Web Search Plugin

To use Web Search Plugin with BoltAI, you need to create a custom Google Search Engine. Read this instructions to get your Search Engine API Key for free.

Step 2. How to use Web Search Plugin

Super simple. Click the "Chat Configuration" button (next to the Chat Title), turn on Web Search.

Notes: Web Search works best when use with GPT-4

Quickly switch GPT model, temperature and other params

To give you maximum flexibility, you can switch GPT model, adjust temperature and other params in the middle of a conversation.

Chat configuration. ChatGPT for mac

Regenerate response & Continue generating

For longer response, ChatGPT usually stops at the middle of the answer. In this release, I added the ability to regenerate the last answer, or to continue the current one. This works similarly to the official ChatGPT.

Continue generating. ChatGPT for mac

Multiple conversations in parallel

You don't have to wait for each response from AI assistant. Ask multiple questions in parallel!

Multiple conversations. ChatGPT for mac

Other improvements

  • Added cost estimation: show a total cost estimation on top of each conversation
  • Add the a shortcut key to activate BoltAI
  • Add the option to keep chat windows always Stay on Top
  • Added the option to toggle Markdown rendering for better rendering performance
  • [QoL]: allows bulk deleting AI Commands / Assistants / Prompts (thanks @nerdymomocat)
  • Improvement: improve scrolling performance on large chat
  • Improvement: improve chat management performance
  • Improvement: better license key management
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with image generation (Stable Diffusion & OpenJourney)

That's all for now. See you in the next updates 👋

If you are new here, BoltAI is a native ChatGPT app for Mac. It allows you to access ChatGPT directly in your favorite apps. Say goodbye to context switching, say hello to improved productivity.