Your First Chat

First Contact™

The Chat UI is really simple. If you can use ChatGPT, you can use BoltAI Chat.

Send your first message

  1. Select your favorite AI service & model. Optionally enable AI plugins.

  2. (Optional) Choose an AI Assistant for more accurate AI answers

  3. Choose a predefined message from the library OR

  4. Enter your message (Use Option + Return or Shift + Return for new line)

  5. Alternatively, you can click the "waveform" button (5) for voice chat (requires OpenAI API key)

Generate an image

  1. Select an AI service that support Image Generation. Currently you can use OpenAI Dall E or an open-source model on

  2. Enter your prompt

→ Learn more about the Chat UI

Import your ChatGPT data

BoltAI supports importing data from your ChatGPT export. Enjoy a seamless transition from ChatGPT to BoltAI with just a few clicks.

Follow the guide below to start ↓

Import from ChatGPT

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